How much is your privacy worth?

For some people, their personal lives are open for all to see, with no concern for their reputation or confidentiality. Others are in sensitive professional positions, and therefore their personal lives are to be fiercely protected. Still others are not necessarily in a high political or professional position, but still have a professional reputation to uphold, say within their company. Most often, this need for confidentiality concerns his choice of companionship.

As the saying goes, “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another”. This is not to say that many men don’t actively choose to conduct themselves with integrity when it comes to their personal lives, because they actually love their wives.  However some gentlemen can find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of remaining with a spouse he no longer feels close to, for whatever reason, yet he still conducts himself with some level of integrity, by remaining within the relationship for the sake of children or out of honorable commitment.

Perhaps his wife is no longer feeling affectionate towards him, or he is traveling far too much for business, where she is unable to accompany him. These trips can leave one feeling quite lonely and stressed, in need of some pampering and enjoyment. If the connection he feels with his partner is faded or broken, he can be in a very awkward and sorry position indeed.

Still other gentlemen don’t have any particular commitment to a woman, but he does like to spend his leisure time doing as he pleases, and doesn’t need the details of his liaisons splashed across the public stage.  In high society, one’s personal life and companionship is still considered something to be conducted discreetly. This is exactly when a professional introduction escort agency like Mynt Models® comes into play.  A genuinely elite and discreet high quality companion can change the lives of some gentlemen – and privacy needs to be the operative word.



How much money does a woman expect you to have?

You don’t need to be super-rich to impress a lady, but you do need to be financially independent. Behaving like the perfect gentleman is a must, regardless of how much money you have. Most women like to look after themselves well and most are also financially independent. But she is biologically conditioned to see out the one who cans provide for her. Even if she has no intention of a future with this man, it is simply in her biological makeup to filter out those gentlemen who cannot maintain a quality of life.

Often, a lack of income or wealth can be the result of emotional problems, laziness, criminal background, or general personal problems. No woman wants to deal with this. Obviously this is not the case all the time, but they can be some of the reasons – which again, biologically, filters you out in a women’s unconscious selection process. So having some level of wealth is important to make your female companions feel safe with you, and consider you a competent, able man.

There is no number on that. Every woman will be different. But clearly you need to have enough to cover her basic needs. Check what those needs are, as it will vary from woman to woman. Some ladies are quite simple, and don’t necessarily care about taking care of themselves in every way possible. They are comfortable with a massage twice a year, and having her hair done every month or so. Other women prefer to be kept groomed to her highest potential, enjoying higher maintenance care. But the gentlemen who like to spoil a lady, won’t mind a high maintenance lady, as he will enjoy ‘maintaining’ her 🙂

And lets face it, a woman who dresses in quality attire, whose skin is flawless and firm from regular facials and good skin care products, whose nails are immaculate and whose body is in excellent shape thanks to personal trainers, excellent nutrition, or even discreet cosmetic surgery, is going to be a lot more fun to look at and be close to! So that expense is in fact an investment in yourself. if you look at it that way, then you will see the reason why some women are ‘high maintenance’. Because only a wealthy gentleman can handle, appreciate and maintain the lifestyle of those high end women.

Only a man of breeding and sophistication will understand the effort and expense that goes into looking that way, feeling that good. And we all know, when a woman feels good, she is in a generally happy mood. And when she is happy, everyone around her is happy. It’s all part of the higher quality lifestyle, that only the truly wealthy gentleman really understands.

Some tips to avoid your wealth becoming unattractive.

Believe it or not, not every woman is even impressed by wealth. Some actively avoid the wealthy, as her own personal beliefs or experiences have taught her it is not the lifestyle it seems. If you are wealthy, don’t flaunt it in front of your date. You’ll come across as arrogant and flashy as well as superficial and materialistic. Your date will feel as though she has to compete with your wealth in order to be worthy of your company. or worse, she may feel like some kind of charity or trinket to you.  By all means spoil her, but keep it low key, especially in the beginning. Wait to see if she is worth it first, or how she responds to wealth.  You can always make her feel like a million dollars without spending a cent.

Lower earners can be more modest in their approach to dates, but can still make an impression. Women also look at potential, not just what you currently own. Especially the smart women 🙂  You can still go to good quality places without being cheap. Regardless of your financial situation, the rules are still the same. Be yourself, be confident and treat your date with the respect she deserves. Of course it is unlikely you will be dating high end ladies or luxury supermodel escorts if your overall income is less, but there are always other options, until you have enough disposable income to indulge in life’s little luxuries – and to spoil your date with them too.

You will have to decide what you want out of the dating game. If it’s a temporary yet special encounter with a high class companion, go with it and enjoy the moment. Life is short, and it’s a chance for you to spoil yourself with experiences and memories that will last you til you’re an old man. If you’re looking for something more serious and long term, you will need to work out if your date is with your for your money, or if she’s with you for you. Sometimes pretending to have less money than you have can be a wise move, until you know the woman is not greedy. There is a fine line between someone who is high maintenance, and will happily provide for herself if you are in difficulty, versus someone who is greedy, and will see you lose your car to pay for her lifestyle. Find someone who has a heart, even if she likes the finer things.

A high maintenance lady will need a high source of income to maintain her lifestyle. Rich is what suits YOUR lifestyle and how you feel about things other than money. Ultimately, no, there is no such thing as ‘too rich’, depending on what lifestyle you like to maintain. How much charity you life to give. How important quality is to you. What you consider essential. What level of luxury you like to enjoy, and what memories you want for yourself in your old age. This is entirely up to you to decipher for yourself 😉



Let’s first investigate why women seek wealth. If given the choice, most women would opt for a wealthy man. This does not make her a gold digger.  There are some clear ways to test for this, and we’ll show you how. Whilst money doesn’t bring happiness, it certainly makes life easier to get through!

Everybody enjoys the finer things. But some women are only there while you have money, and as soon as the money is gone, so is she. Do you really want that as your back up support system..?  One who leaves you exactly when you need her?

Disposable income gives one choices. A woman’s desire for money may not necessarily be because of the material things money can bring, or a desire for ‘the high life’.  We have outlined below the reasons a woman might seek wealth, and how to avoid those who seek it in unhealthy ways.


If a lady has had a privileged life, she is never, ever going to want to settle for anything less. This isn’t her fault and is quite understandable. She has been raised with certain standards and expectations, and this may make her more choosy about the gentlemen with whom she spends her dating time. There is nothing wrong or shameful about wanting to maintain the lifestyle to which one is accustomed. A gold digger is more likely to come from a lower class background and therefore seeking to raise her social status, having her lifestyle paid for by someone else.

Security and protection

Subconsciously, this is what we all crave. Women are programmed biologically to give birth to children, and without being completely aware of it, they are looking for a mate who will provide for those offspring as well as offering protection and safety. Whether or not she intends to give you the opportunity to be the father of said offspring lol, she will unconsciously still filter her male dates with the same conditions.

Being left ‘holding the baby’ as it were, if the man deserts her, is not an option for these ladies, and this will make her more discerning about who she dates. She cannot work at the same time as raising children or maintaining a household. So she needs a competent man who can maintain the income to support all that! Quite understandable. Many women choose to stay at home with their children whilst they are young. Putting her career on hold is a reality she may have to face. Having the confidence that she can do this without fear or worry makes a wealthy man all the more desirable.

Warning signs that you are dating a gold diggerStatus

Most women also like to be sure that they can count on nice clothing and cosmetics, beauty treatments and a nice home, as well as enjoyable and relaxing family holidays.  Short funds generally cause stress, not relaxation. Think about what you can offer a lady. She is not obliged to offer you her body, maid services or companionship for any less than she believes she is worth  and you are not entitled to it either. What can you give her in return? How much is exclusive access to her body, company and care worth to you?  This is a mutual agreement between two people.  Focus on your future and your career to make sure that you can offer the very best, not only to a potential life partner but to yourself too. Obviously if it’s ‘never enough’, you might find yourself in the company of a gold digger. 😉


If you have no prospects and no money or job security, it will be difficult to maintain a relationship with a lady who has expectations of a healthy, capable man with good genes. Love may conquer all but it doesn’t pay the bills! Often a lack of success is coupled with lower education, lazy conduct and ideals, inadequate mental capacity, emotional or psychological issues, or an inability to commit or handle responsibility. None of these qualities make a desirable partner or future father of one’s offspring… Very often a search for wealth is simply a search for quality.


There are however some warning signs that the woman you are with is in fact, a gold digger.  If that bothers you.  A way to test whether a woman is seeking quality and security versus someone who is seeking to effectively steal from you is to pretend you have a little less money than you have. See if she likes your other qualities first. Hire a BMW that is a few years old to drive, instead of arriving in your late model Lamborghini or Rolls Royce. You might change your car and tell her it’s been a difficult month, and you need to downgrade for awhile. See how eagerly she accepts your calls thereafter. You might allow her to pay for something small like a drink or a magazine, saying you need to go to the ATM. See if she is upset by that small outlay.

Choose a comfortable, tasteful 3 star restaurant instead of a 5 star one. Say you felt like something a bit more authentic tonight.  Does she relish the experience or try to graciously enjoy it for your comfort?  Wear comfortable clothing without flashing labels, and remove high end jewelry or watches. If she likes you as a decently successful man, then she will deserve your extremely successful status! If she seems unimpressed by your efforts or is not humble and gracious enough to be appreciative of your efforts, you can comfortably let her go. After letting her know just how much money you really have! If she suddenly becomes very affectionate towards you, and tries to change your mind, you’ll know for sure that you’ve made the right decision… If you are only attractive to her when you have money, she is a gold digger.

Some might consider an elite escort some level of ‘gold digger’. However most would argue that at least she is upfront about her intentions, and has a set fee for her time. She is not pretending to love you, then lightening your wallet wherever possible. It is an honest business arrangement, one in which she will not be expecting anything more than agreed upon. Some would say ‘a gold digger is like an beijing escort, only smarter.’ And some would argue that things are entirely the other way around, and the escort is the smart businesswoman, while the gold digger has no skills of her own, other than sleeping her way to the top, however unscrupulous! At least an escort is earning her own income…  It could be argued that there are a good mix of the two within each demographic, and it is up to the gentleman to individually weed out the greedy, and find the true hearts of gold.

Avoid the gold diggers, but aim for a woman of quality who will not expect you to kill yourself to provide for her.



All you need to know about connecting with a woman can be found by actually talking to real-live women. If you have sisters you are close to, and a polite nature, then you are halfway there – there is no room for misogyny when it comes to connecting with females. Connections require respect.

The best thing about dating is getting to know each other and finding out things that you have in common. It can take a while to find girls that you click with, and you may have to go through a few not-so-perfect dates to find a girl that fits with your personality. (or you could call an introduction escort service to provide you with a perfectly matched beautiful woman!)  You may feel that special connection immediately, or it may take time to hit you, either way, it should be cultivated and pursued.


Treat your date like a princess and make her feel special. Listen carefully to what she has to say and share your thoughts with her, too. You’ll find that you like the same music or the same holiday destinations and your attraction and connection will become more intense. These connections will establish future dates as you will want to share your time together. Do activities that you both enjoy, and don’t rush things. Spoil yourselves.



Women love a man who pays attention to them and who puts them first. They want to see your thoughtful, caring side. Be romantic as well as attentive. The little things really do mean a lot, and they will show that you are investing in the relationship as much as she is.



There’s not much of a connection without regular communication – or at least some communication during each date. To keep the momentum of your connection going, arrange to catch up regularly. Make her a priority.  You could send her flowers for no reason other than she is the most beautiful woman in the world to you, and you can’t wait to see her again. Go to special places together and create wonderful memories.

Building and maintaining that special connection takes time, but in a good relationship it is worth the effort. The deeper the connection, the more satisfying the interaction.



The debate about ‘the perfect woman‘ rages on throughout history, differing from culture to culture. Conditioning by the Western media fosters the perception that the perfect sized woman is a size zero. While there are some women who are naturally tiny, for most women, maintaining this impossible level of “beauty” means she rarely eats (or gets to enjoy her food), looks permanently ill, and interestingly, rarely smiles! For almost 50% of the world, this look is entirely unappealing and undesirable. This demographic prefers a much curvier physique – a  woman of size 0 would be their idea of the least attractive woman. So who is correct..?!

To maintain the tiny size zero takes a lot of effort for most women, unless it’s the girl’s natural state. Which is rare. Girls find themselves afraid to eat in order to avoid criticisms of weight gain. They’re putting themselves under enormous pressure to the ‘perfect’ size. (Or what they’ve been conditioned is ‘the perfect size’ by their culture.)  but is this a natural, healthy, enjoyable way to live…? Would you want your daughter to live with such emotional and mental anguish, such physical stress and discomfort, just to look a way that is unnatural for her, but that makes everyone else comfortable…? Seems a little off, doesn’t it?

The truth is, most men like woman to have a few curves! Often the female vision of ‘perfect’ and the male version of ‘perfect’ are many lbs apart! The desirability of this varies from man to man, culture to culture. Some men prefer slim curvy, others like Marilyn Monroe curvy. Some like curvaceous bordering on the overweight, and some actually prefer a larger plus-sized woman. The woman who looks great in the clothes is not necessarily the woman who feels nice to feel close to. The women men like to look at, the women they like to actually be with, are very often different.

If one doesn’t eat properly, one’s immune system can’t operate efficiently. Organs are depleted of nutrients, and the functions of the body are ineffective. Have you ever been on an expensive date and watched your girlfriend move a salad around a plate? That’s no fun!  Where is the passion and sensual gusto of a woman who likes food? Everyone knows one’s appetite for food is a reflection of one’s appetites for other things. Perhaps her energy is too low from not enough calories to function! The atmosphere will most certainly be strained as your date tries not to bring attention to herself and her lack of appetite. When, truthfully, she’s probably starving! (You can almost hear her stomach grumbling now…)

The real question is – what do you like? Luckily, we are all different, but don’t succumb to the media message that only skinny women are beautiful. If you like big girls, then date big girls. It is terribly sad to see a man with secret girlfriends on the side, so he can actually enjoy himself, while dating or marrying an ‘appropriate’ women that will please others. It is unfair to her, and to himself. But this is the power insecure people give others. Or the power they give the public when it concerns his career. Each to their own…

Psychologically, men like girls with big breasts and large hips, as this signifies that they will produce healthier offspring, and be able to care for them more efficiently; she is seen to be stronger and more capable. Without realizing it, you are looking for signs of fertility and health. Much like the woman’s biological urge to seek a man who can provide for and protect her.

Kim Kardashian and JLo for example are known for their ample derrieres – which finally signifies a shift in media messages to real life assets. At the end of the day, you need to date girls that you want to be with, and don’t judge them on their size. Whether she puts on weight or loses it, she is still the same woman underneath. The one who will be there for you and share your dreams and fears.

Of course a healthy woman is desirable, a fit and strong woman is sexy and attractive on many levels. But her actual size and shape is a personal preference. We can only do so much with what we’re born. And some women prefer to tend the house than go to the gym. Some women prefer to make their man a healthy delicious dinner than spend that hour walking. It’s all about priorities.

Someone who isn’t obsessed with their weight will be more fun to be with and more relaxed. And certainly in a better mood!  We all have a ‘type’, that we find more attractive. But make sure your type is yours, and not what the media/ your family/ your colleagues tells you it should be.

Superficial and shallow characteristics aren’t the recipe for a long lasting relationship. Or even for satisfactory temporary dates. Like an unhappily married man pretending he is happy, you will be lying to yourself and suffering unnecessarily, robbing yourself of the wonderful times you could be enjoying! Life is too short to spend it catering to others’ ideas of what your life should be. Do and be what YOU love, what you genuinely want to. The only person you owe an explanation to is yourself. So be authentic with yourself. Look for a girl who makes you happy, who is fun to be with – then you won’t go far wrong. And that is the perfect size girl for you 🙂



If you’ve just gone through a bad break up, you might be put off dating for a while. Relationships break down for so many reasons such as cheating, jealousy, possessiveness, disagreements, financial arguments, or perhaps the spark has just gone. You won’t feel like starting the dating game for a while, as it all seems so overwhelming and perhaps painful. Being with a long-term girlfriend can be plagued with hassles and setbacks – And perhaps you’re relieved to be single again!

But it’s not healthy or natural for a man to be alone for too long. You don’t have to swear off women for life. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to enjoy a woman’s company and femininity without any commitments or risk of heartbreak? An upscale escort dating agency can provide you with exactly that. But be certain you are really patronizing an upscale, elite agency, and not just an agency claiming to be ‘high class’. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures and big promises. Pay attention to the language quality of the site, and the way they treat your inquiry. (Of course if you’re not particularly sophisticated or selective yourself, then by all means call any agency and try your luck! )

You can discuss your preferences and ‘ideal woman’ with the agency, and arrange a date who fits your requirements perfectly. The agency will suggest a few ideal options for you to choose from, with absolutely no hassle, guaranteed. You can enjoy the model escort’s company for a few hours’ dinner date, or for the evening, and then say goodnight at the end, with no obligations or consequences. These dates offer fun and interesting conversation and enjoyment, whenever you feel like it. If the date you want is unavailable, then simply meet someone else. It’s perfect! No commitment, no pressure.

Perhaps you need a date for a business function? This can send you into a blind panic. Who will you bring? Will they embarrass you? Do you want them to know your business life? Now you don’t need to decide who will be an acceptable date. You can book an appointment with a gorgeous woman who has been carefully screened for suitability and compatibility beforehand. She will never ever embarrass you, nor really have any interest in delving into your business or personal life. No one need ever know that this is strictly a business arrangement, as the girls are well bred and trained for discretion. She will just be beautiful and charming, making you look great. And your elite escort won’t do anything to let you down either.

If you just like female company, this is the perfect option for you. You can meet a different girl every night if you wish. Or continue meeting the same model to build a lovely rapport and familiarity. Romance comes more easily when you and the model are more familiar and comfortable together. You can still enjoy fine restaurants and the latest movies with good company and a beautiful lady on your arm. And the fee you pay for her time guarantees no difficulties, no hassles, no dramas, no embarrassment, no obligation and no commitment. She will not get upset if you meet someone else, or if you don’t call all week. She will not be asking ‘where is this going?’, or ‘Do you love me?’.. Not unless you ask her to 😉

She will however be charming, enchanting and elegant. She will be well bred, educated and hygienic. She will create a sparkling environment and fiercely protect your privacy. She will usually be quite accomplished in her own field, so being seen with her will not seem untoward or unnatural. These girls know how to make your association seem totally acceptable and believable 😉  This will be the easiest relationship you ever have in your life. And when you are ready to date again, you can inquire with the agency about meeting singles with a view to relationships, as opposed to part time girlfriend experiences. china companion  agency offers many different types of introductions.

Once you have filtered out all the mediocre companies, and have found a truly upmarket agency like TOUCH BEIJING MASSAGE, you can arrange your tasteful, elegant appointments. Treat your date like any other girlfriend or date – just because she is being paid for her time, doesn’t mean she is not a woman. A gentleman is always considerate and polite, no matter what woman he is dealing with. Just as you pay your mechanic or accountant for a service, you still treat them with respect and polite consideration. Your elite companion is not too dissimilar in terms of providing a service for a fee. It doesn’t mean she won’t genuinely like you – in fact she will rarely stay at an appointment she doesn’t feel comfortable in. She is as wonderful a woman as any other. She just happens to be very beautiful, well bred and available to spend some time with you, for a fee.

Be thoughtful and kind, but most of all, be the perfect gentleman. Since she will be a perfect lady. You’ll have a lot of fun, without any strings attached. You can start looking for a girlfriend or spouse whenever you are ready, but in the meantime you are free to enjoy the perfect date, as you wish.  Your fee is not just for her time. it is for your freedom and peace of mind!  Life is too short and fleeting to waste it being alone and unappreciated. Out of all the days in the year, all the hours in the week – take some time for pampering you, as you deserve.


Enjoy the journey with beijing escort girl, as well as the destination

You’ve made it through the first date – if you’re already thinking of planning your second date, that must mean the first one went well! You can choose to meet another girl for another ‘first date’, or perhaps opt for the one you first liked. This demonstrates that the beijing escort agency chose well for you and all their screening works. Although, there are always plenty of peas for each pod! (You can have 50 first dates if it comes to that, but then that doesn’t really allow you to get to know the model or see if there is any real chemistry between you.)

Begin by calling the agency, and give them some feedback on how the first date went. Tell them how much you enjoyed it and why you liked (or didn’t like!), the young lady you met. If you enjoyed her company immensely, they can easily arrange for a second date with the same elite escort, depending on her availability. If you’ve found a high class companion you like already, this will make planning so much easier for future dates and special occasions. And of course, the more time you spend with someone, the closer you become, the more comfortable you are together.

For your second date together, choose something special and different from your first date. Remember, you aim is to enjoy female company and have fun with no commitment or strings attached. Make it something she will enjoy also. You can feel comfortable to try to impress her a bit more now, since you know she is worth it – or perhaps you can relax slightly, knowing she accepts you and enjoys your company as you are.

Continue to treat her well and behave like the perfect gentleman. After all, this is one of the things she enjoyed about you the first time, so get her to agree to meet you again. Yes, even elite escorts can decline an appointment.. They are accustomed to high society and class, so keep that environment going. It is assumed you are of the same level of sophistication, so this will be your preferred atmosphere also. The mutual appreciation among couples of a similar lifestyles and class, is a pleasant and inevitable result of dating.

By now, on a 2nd date, you’ll know each quite well. You will also have a better understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes, so you can plan the second date accordingly. By now you will have realized the benefits of using a high end escort dating agency. There will be no clingy texts or calls asking where you are and what are you doing. This is dating on your terms. Mostly. She will have her freedom also, so you can enjoy each other’s company immensely when you’re together, then be free when you want to. You initiate the next meeting; It’s the best of both worlds.

When the time arrives, meet your date at your agreed location and plan something wonderful. If you have already been for dinner on your first date, perhaps consider the theater or a live show. Do something new and exciting, something to keep you in her mind. She will bring her side of the bargain to keep her in your mind! Treat her like a diamond, and she will feel just as special and appreciated as she did on your first date – now she will know you are a real man, confident enough in himself to be caring and noble in his conduct. Women love this chivalrous, gentlemanly behavior. They all like to feel special to someone, that she has some effect on someone in the world 🙂

If the first date was so successful and memorable, she will probably want to date you again too. Your mutually beneficial relationship can continue for as long as you need it. Just stay in touch with the agency, meet other women in between if you wish, to ensure you are making an informed choice, and enjoying all your options. Or, should you feel connected to or fall in love with that one special woman… Then by all means let the agency know, and they may assist you in arranging a deeper relationship with this woman. But we’re only in the second date so far… Enjoy the journey, as well as the destination.