Beijing, a modern and luxurious city, Its fashionable city centre with glittering skyscrapers. In beijing, it is very important for money and material success, there are plenty of people choosing their partners based on social status and wealth. Though one of the reason for this might be deep-rooted in social traditions, one factor that explains why money is so important is surely the lack of a comprehensive social security net.

The Boom of the Escort Service in beijing

In pursuit of wealth, Now more and more girls in beijing on social network websites who at first seem to be interested in language exchange or friendship, and then turn out to be escorts. They may face different kinds of problem such as their parents were experiencing financial difficulties and they were looking for a rich husband or boyfriend. A female escort is neither a sex worker who is invisible to the general public, nor does she usually work in an institution like a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency. The client must make an appointment in advance. The escorts in beijing usually advertise their services via the Internet, although an intermediary advertiser, such as an escort agency, may be involved in promoting escorts, while, less often, some may be handled by a pimp. The escort girls in beijing may work only outcall.

The Escort Agencies In beijing

In beijing, Escort agencies helps these escorts provide escort service for clients, usually for sexual services. The agency typically arranges a meeting between the escorts and the client at the customer’s house or hotel room (outcall). Some agencies in beijing also provide escorts for longer durations, who may stay with the client or travel along on a holiday or business trip.

The Escort Girl in beijing

beijing is a wonderful place for escort girls. you can see street girls all over the place, so there are many escort agencies or massage parlor that can also provide escort service in beijing and even more in sanlitun. A few escort women born in beijing and are more expensive. Many have women born in China who are probably illegal.

The Origin of the Appearance of Escort Service Phenomenon in beijing

The phenomenon of college students working as prostitutes originated in Japan, where it is known as “enjo kosai”, or compensated dating. Enjo kosai isn’t exactly prostitution, because it doesn’t necessarily involve sex. It can be compared to what geishas do: they entertain, engage men in role play and stimulate the fantasy of their customers. Nevertheless, in practice compensated dating often ends in sexual intercourse. This phenomenon soon spread to neighboring countries, especially hong kong and beijing. most girls in beijing mentioned as their motive the desire for money, brand clothes and expensive electronic products such as mobile phones. At the beginning, telephone services were the commonest platforms to find girls for compensated datings. But it was with the rise of the internet and social media that the phenomenon of enjo kosai literally exploded. Girls just needed an internet connection to find as many clients as they wanted.

Where You Can Find Those Escort Service in beijing

However, when you observe it more carefully you realize that sex is all around, and it’s cheap to get. There are WebPages where young girls of exceptional beauty advertise their services. The internet has become the main medium through which customers find their desired escort. Generally, a picture of the woman is provided, and sometimes, the type of sexual services she is willing to offer.

There are bars and massage parlors where you can get more than what the signboards suggest. There are plenty of illegal establishments in dark alleys that you can enter only through a friend’s recommendation.

Some nightclubs in beijing are a sort of substitute for brothels, which under beijing law are illegal. They are a grey zone that is hard to control effectively, and legislation seems to be designed to allow escort service to flourish without making it too visible.

The Income of an Escort Girl in beijing

The Price of an escort depending upon demand and services offered. More distinguished escorts can charge in excess of that. very high class escorts, especially those catering to an executive clientele, can make much money. There is a very small group of elite escorts who generally work out of major cities and service the multimillionaires, celebrities and pro athletes.

In beijing, Many people tend to assume that prostitutes must feel ashamed of what they do or find their job disgusting. Perhaps that is true in some, but not for everyone of them. Any Escorts in beijing like this job than any other jobs. This job can make them to get more money, many escort girl in beijing had already bought a flat. As a matter of fact, being a high-class escort is very remunerative. If you consider that she earns 1000 HK (100 Euros) for one hour, she can make more than 5.000 HK (500 Euros) in a single day. Given that she has one free day per week, she can make more than 150.000 HK (15.000 Euros) every month.

The clients of the escort girl in beijing mostly come from the USA, Europe and Japan. maybe the best clients are mainlanders. Most of them are rich and want to show off, so they are generous with the escorts, giving them high tips and presents.

Related Internet Source of the Escort in beijing

Since the Internet has been one of the necessary tool of people’s daily life, escorts usually take the use of the Internet to introduce themselves. Many websites providing such escort info. We are going to recommend a good one of them— beijing Escort. It aims to providing the useful and newest escort info in beijing. You can also read the reviews of the escorts or share your experiences of the escorts on china companion or china massage parlor.

Some Secret Term of Escort Service

Maybe it is not legitimate in beijing, so escort agencies are careful not to explicitly advertise that its escorts are exchanging sexual favors for money. As such, agencies and clients have developed a lexicon of coded internet slang and abbreviations that allow for the communication of what services will be exchanged.


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