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You will find me warm and friendly like a long lost play mate my aim is always to please and make our time together un forgettable. A national compassion with no fake persona.

I stand 5.6ft with a size 10 dress and loathe most perfect natural perfect boobs in the business all real of course.i am impeccably groomed and will always dress to suit ones ones fantasies for the occasion. I tend to favour natural makeup and subtle sexiness my drawers are always full of lingerie and playful items of naughtiness request something special and I will have it there for you..

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Escort Girl First time at beijing Nataly from Taiwan

Hey! I’m glad you’ve made it to my profile. Now allow me to introduce myself. My name is Natali.I’m from taiwan. Today i arived at beijing. Now let’s talk about you. How much extra time do you have? Is it a lot or is it a little? Or maybe you would like to make some time. If you can make some then why not spend it with me? I’m a relaxed, fun, entertaining lady. Life is too short. That’s where I come in. I’m here to be your luxury a treat to yourself. So whether or not you can only clear a small amount of time or if you can clear a full evening let’s set a date and time where we can either laugh all night,go for a walk or do crazy sex .I’m in the business of forming lively relationships.

 Escort Girl First time at beijing Nataly from Taiwan

A smile from a woman is the best, reassuring form of non-verbal communication

A smile from a woman is the best, reassuring form of non-verbal communication. Naturally men like to please her all the time, to see this smile regularly. It is also when a lady looks the most beautiful. It is well known that the size of the smile on a woman is directly related to how well her man is treating her. And let’s face it – a happy woman makes for a happy life and environment. We won’t discuss the alternative! So here’s how to bring a smile to her face in record time.

Be Playful to Make Her Smile.

Tease her a Little (kindly), providing she doesn’t take herself too seriously!  You could joke about how she’s cute when she laughs, or how she fiddles with her hair when she’s nervous. This will show you have a special connection with her that you want to develop. It will also let her know you notice things about her. This always makes a woman feel good, and when she feels good, she will smile.

Make Fun of Yourself But Don’t Fish for Compliments.

She will love that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and that you have a sense of humor. It will reveal a side to your personality that she probably hasn’t seen before, and it will please her that you trust her. Laughing at yourself can also show great confidence, seeing as you are so sure of yourself, you don’t need validation from others or care about their opinions. Women love confident men who know what they want, and don’t give a hoot about the opinion of others. Apart from hers of course!

Tell Her How Beautiful She Looks.

She will have spent ages getting ready, and she will be pleased that you noticed her efforts. Compliment her regularly and you won’t fail to make her smile often.  But keep it genuine. She can tell when you’re just spitting out words. Really notice something about her and let her know you like it. She will be smiling from ear to ear soon; a sign of your great success.

Gentlemanly moves such as opening the door for her, or helping her with her coat can make her feel special, which will often bring on a smile. Offering your own coat to her when she is cold, or even pulling out her chair for her to sit at the table, are all chivalrous things that will make her smile – even if she is an independent feminist, your efforts to please her will make her smile.

Listen to Her and Ask Her Questions.

Be interested in her thoughts and opinions. Girls love a good listener, and she will be flattered that you care. What are her hopes and dreams? How was her day? What does she think of the latest gadget/ headlines/ political scandal?  This is how women communicate and become so close, by sharing thoughts and feelings and opinions. Communicate in a way she understands, and half your work is done.

Send funny messages to her, directly if she is your girlfriend, or via email to her introduction agency if she is your escort date for now. She will be delighted that you were thinking of her when she wasn’t around. Keep it clean and just a bit of harmless fun. Send her a message last thing at night and you’ll know she’ll wake up with a smile on her face when your contact is the first thing she sees.

Plan a Great Surprises

Go out of your way for her and plan cute surprises such as flowers or little gifts. Girls love being spoiled and this will undoubtedly make her smile! Every woman has different needs in life – some like gifts, some like compliments, some like caring actions, some like talking and meaningful communication. Most women enjoy a combination of these; find out what her preferences are.

Be Yourself.

She wants to get to know you, not the personality that everyone else sees, or the social facade you wear to keep people at a distance. Share funny stories from your childhood or past. This will make her laugh more than anything, and endear yourself to her. It means you are being intimate with her by sharing some of your most embarrassing moments. Most certainly she will have similar funny stories from her childhood or past. Then the ice is well and truly broken, and the date can continue on the best foot.


Beijing escort services – Guide for Contentment

Are you traveling alone to Beijing city this holiday season? Do you need a companion to spend time in the most romantic city of the world? Then go for the most popular Beijing escort services which will take away all your lonesomeness from you. These services provide you the pleasure to spend some quality time with the most beautiful and dazzling escort girl. These girls not only provide you with sexual satisfaction and contentment but also provide simple companionship on a lonely evening.

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The escort girl can not only be treated as a sexual partner to get pleasure for a night but they can totally change your outlook of your life. They can be very good friends with whom you can share all your feelings, your ecstasy as well as grief. Thus, with the help of these girls, one can be truly pleased and satisfied emotionally as well as physically.

In order to get a relaxing change from one’s monotonous life and stressful hectic schedule, one must seek some pleasure from these escort girls. They will make you love your life and will completely change your persona. An evening with the Beijing escort girls will be the most memorable and superb experience of your life. You will cherish every moment spent with the girls. Your thorough satisfaction is the highest priority for the Beijing call girls.


How to hire a luxury sports carIf you want your date to be a memorable one, hire a sports car to give her the ride of her life. Will it pay dividends though..? Is all that expense and time really worth it? Read on to find out.

How To Arrange It

Think about what kind of car you will be confident driving, and look around for the best sports cars. Most elite car rental companies will have high end sports cars for hire, and our elite date will be just as gorgeous as the car – you’ll be in beauty-heaven! Whether for the day or for a few weeks’ road trip, the thrill cannot beat.

You can go anywhere you want – perhaps a picnic near the beach, or an adventure in the country – wherever the road takes you! Either way, your date will be delighted to share in the adventure. Just be sure to let her know beforehand where you are headed, so she can prepare for the day. If you book her time through an introduction agency like Beijing Escort Guide, legally you will also need to make the agency aware of where you will be taking her. But that’s a simple enough task for a day of absolute relaxing bliss. Sound worth it yet..?

Approach a Company

To hire a sports vehicle you will need to approach a company that leases high end cars, then arrange the lease. Of course, you will need to have ID, and there will probably be a hefty (refundable) deposit. There are many sports cars available to choose from such as a Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, or Aston Martin. Your date will feel absolutely spoiled with the luxury that a sports car has to offer and the thrill of the adventure ahead.

A high-performance car is most definitely a status symbol, and you will be the envy of everyone else as you cruise along in your amazing car, with your even more beautiful date. Imagine pulling up to the restaurant or club in a stunning Lamborghini, or flying down the highway in a sparkling Maserati?

Don’t Get Too Carried Away

Try not to get too carried away with the awesomeness of the car and forget about your gorgeous companion! Make sure to involve her as much as you can. She might even jump at the chance to take over the wheel. As long as you have third party insurance, everything should be fine… But more often than not, she will be quite happy to allow herself to be chauffeured by you to your destination. She has just as much pleasure being helped out of a luxury car, and being seen with you, a luxury-car-driver!

A shared, thrilling experience such as hiring a sports car will bring you closer together as you spend time getting to know each other under such exhilarating circumstances. You will be creating amazing memories, to cherish forever. It’s the beginning of an unforgettable day. If you don’t feel like doing all the driving, you could consider booking a chauffeur, leaving you free to devote all your attention to your beautiful companion. You’ll also be able to enjoy a drink or two en route! You can relish all the amazing sights together and relax as your driver takes control.

Of course, for the more affluent gentlemen, this entire process will be unnecessary, as he probably owns more than one luxury vehicle, and can arrange for his driver to take him and his date out anytime – but if you are still on your way up, remember, it’s ok to ‘fake it til you make it’. 🙂    There is nothing wrong with creating an image or impression, until you have the ability to make it permanent. Enjoy your life, it’s very short.

In short, is hiring a sports car really worth it? The answer is, a resounding YES!


Depending on where you are in your relationship will determine what type of date you have. It will also depend if you are interested in this woman for a long term relationship, or you are both enjoying a casual dalliance. Or perhaps she is a high class escort or an elite international travel companion? Either way, your conduct as a gentleman and ensuring an enjoyable date can contribute to your success!


Give Her a Romantic Dinner Date

If you are at the beginning, you can’t go wrong with a lovely, romantic meal where you can spend time getting to know each other. Every woman appreciates a little spoiling. You can relax for the evening in gorgeous surroundings with your beautiful escort or date. You can also have fun choosing what to eat and perhaps choose something new!

If that has been done, or you’re just not into romantic dinners, then instead of dinner, you could go for drinks to a high end hotel or lounge bar. Choose somewhere relaxing and soothing, so you can chat without having to shout. Also don’t cut corners – go to the most exclusive establishment available, to show her you think she is worth that. That kind of thing is very impressive to women and pays dividends later as to her opinion of you.

If things are going well at the bar, you could move on to somewhere more lively, although generally maintaining the romance and going for a stroll where you can continue talking would be ideal.


Plan Something Different to Surprise Her

If it’s not your first date, you could plan something different to surprise her, such as a limo ride, a balloon ride or a horse and carriage ride. Your date will be thrilled that you’ve gone out of your way to surprise her with a unique experience.

For something even more special, you could surprise her with concert tickets to see her favorite band or show. This will really blow her away if she wasn’t expecting it. And it’s a great way to watch her reactions and interact with her on a social level. You can spend the evening being carried away by the energy of a live performance, and each other’s energy.


Whisk Her Away for the Weekend to Somewhere Very Special

This is when a travel companion or elite escort comes in handy. There is no responsibility to go any further, or for the weekend to lead to anything more than what it is: a fun, enjoyable time between two attracted and pleasant adults.

You could fly to a new city or drive to an amazing hotel. Think of something that you would both enjoy doing, or maybe spend the weekend locked away from the world in complete privacy, relaxing. Don’t forget to always be charming and be the perfect gentleman. Never make assumptions and always ask her opinion on things.

If you’re planning a surprise, perhaps speak to one of her friends (or the agency if you are booking an escort for the date), to see how they think she might react – you don’t want to frighten her off. She will be delighted that she has found a date with such creativity and imagination.


The Main Secret To a Successful Date is Not So Much What You Do But How You Behave

A sensational date experience is less enjoyable, or even boring or annoying when the other party is arrogant, insolent, narcissistic, rude or inattentive. Pay attention to her, don’t be cocky, remember your manners. These three honorable traits will ensure your evening is a great success, regardless of whether you book a diamond hot air balloon or lay a rug on the grass for a picnic in the park.

No matter how you spend your time together, whether you are with a high-class escort or a girlfriend date, no matter how much money you have to spend; Being a considerate gentleman is the #1 secret to ensuring your date is memorable, and one she will hopefully want to repeat. More tips about “Having a Successful Date beijing escort girl.”